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17th May 2005, 22:29
I couldn't find answer to this anywhere.

With DVD Decrypter I rip a dvd to many vob files instead of one.
Each vob is a chapter (or a cell) from the dvd.
I do this when I rip a music show to get each song on a seperate file.

Recently I downloaded a ripped dvd.
In the VIDEO_TS folder of the dvd I have a few vob files of 1gb size which contains many chapters, each chapter is a song on the show.
In this case I can't use DVD Decrypter since the only source I can choose from inside the program is a CD Drive.

Now my question comes:
Is there a way I can split the vob file into it's chapters like I do with DVD Decrypter?

Any help appreciated.

17th May 2005, 22:41
Originally posted by yanosh
Now my question comes:
Is there a way I can split the vob file into it's chapters like I do with DVD Decrypter? If your DVD doesn't have the new copy protections (i.e. ArccoS) then you can use Smartripper. If it does, use DVD Decrypter in File mode and then use SmartRipper to rip those ripped files into chaptered VOBs. Note: SmartRipper can rip from harddrive. ;) DVD-Dec. can to but you have to do the write ISO - read ISO.

This is one way to do it.

17th May 2005, 22:48
There are a lot of vob cutters in the download section, but they won't all be helpful with chapter point cutting. Vobrator will allow you to extract from the structure of the vobs. PgcEdit will allow you to extract if you have the whole dvd (with the ifos).

Alternatively, you could use IFO mode in DVD Decrypter. You could make an iso image from the files you have and mount the image with Daemon Tools.

p.s. I hope this post doesn't look funny. I am using lynx on a command line because of network problems.

EDIT: I'm not sure if Vobrator knows how to cross the boundary between VOB files. That is necessary as streams cross the boundary with no regard to finishing a chapter, cell, or even GOP... AFAIK. It must work fine. That's what it's designed for after all.

EDIT 2: I see 2COOL suggested the write iso, read iso method.

17th May 2005, 23:18
I tried SmartRipper and it work great.
Very simple to use.

Thank you very much.

17th May 2005, 23:45
You're welcome! ;)

19th May 2005, 23:36
Hey yanosh,
Recently I downloaded a ripped dvd.
Seems this is not a legally obtained content. Remember Rule 6 and do not ask for help on it.