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16th November 2001, 20:01
Hello all,

Does anyone knows a way to directly downsample an AC3 source to a 44100Hz .wav ?
I'm ripping a DVD of songs originally in AC3 format, I extract each channel to separates wave files to re-encode them into a Dolby Digital wave file (or a DTS wave file). The goal is to burn a multichannel audio CD.
The problem is that I need 44100 wave samples to do that.
I must downsample after decoding, using cool edit, but that take a long time for one song ...
If anyone knows this tip, that would be great.

Thanks a lot


17th November 2001, 09:56
i myself do lots of AC3->DTS CD conversions.
i use :
AZID for decoding the ac3.
SSRC for resampling the result to 44.1khz.
SurCode CD Pro DTS to create the DTS WAVs.
and then burn...

look for future versions of AC3toMP3 for a feature of :
48khz AC3 -> 6 mono 44.1khz wavs.

17th November 2001, 13:34
Ok :)
Thanks for the tip.
In the same Do you have a tip for extracting every channel in one operation ? (saving 6 differents wav during one extraction)

Thanks a lot for answering


13th December 2001, 17:22
where do i find this SSRC tool ?

13th December 2001, 20:07
please, this took me 30 seconds to find on google:


14th December 2001, 10:38
SSRC (http://www.milky.ne.jp/~galaxy/ssrc/ssrc-1.28.zip) (Sample-Rate Convertor)
AZID (http://www.doom9.org/Soft21/Files/Audio/azid-1.7.1.zip) (AC3 Decoder)
SplitAzid (http://rilanparty.com/vbb/attachment.php?s=&postid=52300) (6-Channel Wave -> 6 Mono Waves Convertor)

14th December 2001, 15:48
Thanks for the link, but how about a directshow filter for 48k o 44.1 (Not Xing) conversion? Anyone found any?


17th December 2001, 20:23
don't reply if your going to be a smart ass. :mad:

To the rest ty very much.

17th December 2001, 20:31
Bad ass? Why is that? I just asked a question.

17th December 2001, 21:07
heh...no that wasnt to you sir...that was to mister "please i found this in 30 seconds on google" :D

17th December 2001, 21:25
@C0mPr355: I'm sorry.. but you were being lazy and have no right to call anyone a smart ass. Read up before you ask... I don't want this forum to become a newbie-asking-the-same-stupid-question-that-has-been-asked-over-and-over-again infested place and that includes reminding people to read up before asking in a stingy way. case closed

and there's no such directshow filter that would downsample at playback time.