View Full Version : Is burning on dvd-r in more than 4.7 gb ?

Sherlock Holmes
16th November 2001, 15:00
I read some messages about burning higher than 4.7
I need to know is it impossible to write higher than 4.7 ?


17th November 2001, 12:48
Do you mean overburning? Standard capacity of DVD-R is 4,3 GB. Nero tells me that my Pioneer DVR-A03 supports overburning, but I've never tried it (expensive coaster and EXPENSIVE drive)... :)

Sherlock Holmes
18th November 2001, 03:00
But I heard that DVDs are between 4.7 and 17 GB
Am I wrong ?

If it is true , to writing in over 4.7 , I should using special dvd writer ?

26th February 2002, 21:55
Help............ does anyone KNOW the answer.

I tried Nero which said it supports overburns but seems not for DVD as it always pops the disc out saying insufficient room.

I tried gearDVDPro which also supposedly supports overburning and that too barfed.

My damned image (ISO/UDF) is only 17mb more... 4,717,xxx rather than 4,700,000...

I tried removing music (small MP3) from menu but its still JUST over the size. I tried trimming the titles off the MPEGs but still JUST too big. Re-encoding video looks bad so...

Any ideas?