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29th April 2005, 04:53
I read in another thread HERE (http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=91338&highlight=showtime+mobile) that kinda explains how to raise the volume level of Nero MP4 files. I tried the directions given by DeathTheSheep but either they are incomplete or I don't understand them or both....

Can someone give detailed instructions for raising volume in an MP4 Recoded file please?

I trult hope that the volume level is fixed by Nero soon.

Thanx to anyone able to help me out.:)

Leo 69
29th April 2005, 15:57
Sure. DeaththeSheep is right here, although partly :D

First get MP4UI. Open the MP4 with it. Select the audio track and click the export button.

After this get AAC Winamp input plugin (http://rarewares.poskolio.com/in_mp4.zip) to convert from .aac to .mp4 correctly and AACGain (http://www.rarewares.org/files/aac/aacgain.zip)
to apply the needed volume to the audio.
Use MP4Muxer (http://mp4muxer.movie2digital.de/Download/mp4muxer.zip) to remux audio & video


29th April 2005, 16:39
Is a bit long winded for me as I have a lot of recodes - until Nero fix this I have AC3 filter in the playback graph and use the gain setting to correct. Just an alternative...

29th April 2005, 17:00
Is a bit long winded for me as I have a lot of recodes - until Nero fix this I have AC3 filter in the playback graph and use the gain setting to correct. Just an alternative...

I have just installed ac3filter and tried to increase the gain, main and voice levels and it doesn't seem to help.

Is this for use with the Nero digital files in ASP & AVC?

29th April 2005, 19:07
yes it is - I use it with zoomplayer first decoding the audio with coreAAC and then into ac3filter with the gain up slightly - definately corrects the volume.

As a sidenote this also gives me correct 5.1 sound from the AAC soundtrack via spdif out. Im not an expert and dont understand why this works but suspect it may have somthing to do with my nforce2 (sondstorm) MB...

hope this helps

30th April 2005, 10:55
latest recode already encodes already with a correct volume (of course this doesnt help with already existing aac streams...)

1st May 2005, 15:08
which version of latest recode? i have and it gives me low audio volume, does any new release after that has fixed this problem, pls tell me!

2nd May 2005, 18:54
Use Recode
It has still slightly lower volume than using the "normal" DRC for AC3.
But you can get it raised to the "normal" DRC level by going to windows regedit:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ahead\Nero Recode\Preferences
Create a new DWORD called AC3PCMScaleFactor and set it to 80(hex)/128(dec).

We had problems in previous versions with clipping when using this value, but at least I don't get any clipping anymore with when setting the AC3PCMScaleFactor to 128. Also the 5.1ch to 2ch conversion shouldn't reduce the volume considerably anymore in, which was a problem for many people previously.

2nd May 2005, 19:20

2nd May 2005, 20:52
Use Recode

Where is .16? I only see .14 on the website...


Is that reg file only for .16?

2nd May 2005, 21:16
no, but as johnv said it works best with .16
download the most recent NVE update package and you will get .16

2nd May 2005, 22:06
Nice to see there is finally a fix (so I can stop whining ;) ) Thank you JohnV for being responsive to this issue, now nothing is holding me back from using Nero for encoding.


3rd May 2005, 00:01
Just to be clear...

Install the latest NVE and that will contain .16 and then apply the Patch posted above?
The Patch is best used with the latest NVE? Is the REG Patch the same as editing the registry?

3rd May 2005, 03:15
Yep, it's the same as registry editing and you can apply it after recode is installed.

3rd May 2005, 10:30
thanks a lot johnv and sharktooth! just a little question, will the volume stuff work fine if i use recode and nero burning rom ? or do i need to update the burning rom too?

3rd May 2005, 14:28
Yes it will work.

13th June 2005, 18:51
Greetings all - I am in the process of ripping a bunch of my DVDs to Nero AVC (w/5.1) and I am running into the same low-volume problem you all have seen. I am using Recode for my work.

I ran a little test with the registry hack listed above, and found the results to be a little bit iffy.

I encoded a small one minute sample of a movie, in Nero AVC-Cinema profile, with 5.1 sound selected. In the audio advanced properties, I let Nero choose the best "audio" profile for the 5.1 sound. (5.1 was selected on the primary audio selection page).

Before the patch, the audio level is noticably lower than the original source volume, as expected.

I then installed the reg hack, checked the registry manually to be sure it was there, and rebooted. I then re-ran the encode, using the same settings with the same segment of film.

After the patch, the audio level was still significantly lower than the source, BUT was marginally louder than the unpatched encode. In other words, I still have to turn up the receiver volume so much that if I don't turn it down before returning to normal use, people in the house will jump out of their shorts and the cat will be clinging to the ceiling fan trying to get away.

I've seen descriptions of using other tools to "normalize" the output of the MP4 using some on-the-fly filters or post-processing. Cookeal uses this method, which is also enticing to me because I have an nVidia Soundstorm chipset which can output DD on the S/PDIF line.

Cookeal, if you're here, could you elaborate a bit on how you set up the programs?

Thanks kindly!

15th June 2005, 20:10
Well, Cookeal was kind enough to contact me, and we walked through how he set up his system, and I attempted to mimic it. As most of you know, no two HTPCs are the same, and I couldn't get mine to act as it should with all the filters.

While tweaking, I discovered that FFDSHOW has the ability to normalize audio output, as well as act as a "preamp" to bring volume up.

This normalize feature of FFDShow was kicked in as soon as I installed it, and volume was (shockingly enough) "normal!" I do understand this isn't an ideal situation because FFDSHOW is essentially remixing the volume levels on the fly, but this is the solution I am going to stick with for now - it's simple, it works, and I was able to set it up after a system rebuild and repeat it.

Good (enough) stuff!
Thanks for the help, everyone...

16th June 2005, 13:28
what if i increase the value more.. eg 0xE0 or similar?

JohnV is it available the curve effect on this parameter, ie. value 'X' means what level of amplification?
Since the most common use of recode is the two pass encoding, what if the encoder just seeks for normailzation value at the first pass and does real audio encode in the second?

18th June 2005, 14:04
hey Greg,

could you elaborate on what you did with ffdshow to get it to normalize audio? Also, after I installed it I noticed that h.264 was didabled in the configuration screen. Do I need to enable it?

18th June 2005, 14:10
ignore previous post. Found a post from Sharktooth that explained it here (http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=83941&highlight=ffdshow+normalize+audio)

3rd July 2005, 15:20

Nice regpatch.

Are there more regpatches available?

Wonder, if itīs possible to deactive cropping and resizing by default?

Thank you in advance,