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26th April 2005, 18:42
Well the big thing is getting these .SUB's converted. I need a program that can handle converting them to .SRT

I tried Subresync but it keeps asking for whole words, I almost have to transcribe the whole script. Yes I fiddled with the settings, nothing seems to have changed.

Anyone recomend a program?

If its permissable and anyone wants to take a look at the subs I can get them hosted no prob.

26th April 2005, 18:45
You can't get away with it, and no you don't have to transcribe the whole script, it goes faster as you go along.
subrip does the job too.

edit: those subs are no good without the idx. I'd have ocred them for you, it takes 2 1/2 minutes, but not without the idx.

26th April 2005, 19:02
I have the IDX files.

This is NOT getting fasted as I go along because its doing whole words instead of individual letters. To make things worse Ive had to redo exact words several times. Ive wasted an hour and a half and im not even halfway done with the first half of the first sub. (the sub is split into 2 halves)

I cant use subrip because it doesnt seem to support loading .sub's and I dont have the original DVD's.

26th April 2005, 19:07
Can you do a CTRL+A in SubRip and post the screenshot of the 'Advanced OCR Setup' window here?

26th April 2005, 19:12
I cant use subrip because it doesnt seem to support loading .sub's and I dont have the original DVD's

Sorry then, can't help. But you do have a problem indeed.

26th April 2005, 19:14

EDIT: This is CRAZY. I made a screenshot just like always with irfanview (i made both .jpg and .png), I opened the file in windows and it displayed just fine. but whenever I upload it to either imageshack or imagehost it comes up blank. :confused:

Keep in mind ive been using Subresync so far. THATS the program with the whole word issue.

SubRip hasnt even entered the equation because it doesnt seem to support opening .SUB files.

26th April 2005, 19:27
Your 'Advanced OCR setup' looks fine.

IIRC, SubResync does not have an option to save your character matrix like you can in SubRip. Which means you -have- to reenter everything, everytime.

EDIT: SubResync should save the characters in its buffer at least for the same session. So if that is not happening, then something is wrong. Can't think of anything right now. Will update if I can think of anything.

26th April 2005, 19:41
Dont forget that its also failing to use single characters. Its making me id whole words, yes Ive had the sensitivity bar at both ends... no effect.

26th April 2005, 23:20

Subrip does support .sub files ... just set the filemask appropriately. Timings might/will(?) be slightly off, though.
Better open the .idx files in subrip... it supports these as well.

If there still is a problem, host your sub/idx pair somewhere for download

Good luck,

27th April 2005, 00:46
Subrip refuses to open .idx or .sub files.

Heres a screenshot of its supported formats list: http://img173.echo.cx/img173/2807/filesupport4jn.jpg

I also tried opening from the "subtitles" window and got some crazy spanish(?) error: http://img173.echo.cx/img173/1056/crazyerror5yk.jpg

... how do you get .sub/.idx files loaded into subrip?

27th April 2005, 01:28
Which version of SubRip do you have? You have to have v1.17.

In that, File-->Open VOB(s)--> Open IFO. This will give you options as below:


27th April 2005, 01:42
Originally posted by unskinnyboy
Which version of SubRip do you have? You have to have v1.17.... which is available from the doom9 download section.

The language in your error msg is French, btw. (the former developer Brain is French) ...


27th April 2005, 02:40
Cursed FFDshow... I had thought I had the latest version, but as it turns out I was using .97

Got everything working now, thanks.