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21st March 2005, 12:32
Can someboady tell me the easy way to convert bmp to m2v with no lose of quality. I convert with tmpgenc and the quality is bad.

The Geek
21st March 2005, 13:20
It's not possible. MPEG is a lossy codec. However, with a high bit rate, you shouldn't see the difference really.
You wanna do a slide show for DVD, right ? Keep in mind that the resolution for DVD is max. 720x576 (PAL) or 720x480 (NTSC), whereas digital pictures are way bigger. You can't have that high quality on a DVD.

The Geek

21st March 2005, 14:06
i want to edit menu, i manage to do everything, but when i convert the picture back to m2v, menu isn't that good quality like it was.
Especialy when the text is, the picture is little bit messy

Can anyboady please tell me how you do this

21st March 2005, 17:19
you might try using the 'create m2v still' function from dvdauthorgui. It will accept bmp or jpg, and using mpeg2enc, it will create a m2v still of the bmp. You can find dvdauthorgui here:

21st March 2005, 20:20
i try this, but still is a little bitworse than original

The Geek
21st March 2005, 20:39
What is the resolution of the BMP ?

The Geek

21st March 2005, 21:04

21st March 2005, 22:08
hi sesko
i found that dvdshrink can do this will with no lose of quality. look at this (http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?postid=565160#post565176) guide. follow upto step 5 then use pgcdemux to extract the m2v.
ya i know it looks like alot of work but there is no lose what so ever.
mind you, muxman can convert stills to vobs. give that a try too. just never tested it so i don't know if there is any lose.

21st March 2005, 22:15
also remember that artifacts are much more visible on a monitor than on an average TV

22nd March 2005, 12:16
I would encode to high bitrate CBR, like 8 MBps. Any encoder should be fine.

22nd March 2005, 22:58
I have found CCE is a pain for this task. I agree that dvdauthorgui is the easiest way to do it.

MuxMan has support for creating still images as well. You can specify the duration of the images, and you can add audio too. If you are set on getting an m2v, demux it.

23rd March 2005, 00:10
With 0.12d and before you might not like the quality as I found a bug in the encoder causing "mosquito noise". The next release fixes that and lowers the quant for a better picture. A pre-release is available either to members of my forum, or by request. Expected release date is Mar 28.

29th April 2005, 20:15
anybody found out any better program to do good m2v from bmp.
Because with DVDAuthorGUI picture is a little messy.


1st May 2005, 16:30
I tried to do something similar with muxman but had some
problems. You can read about it here:


Basicly what I wanted to do is convert the end credits of
an episode dvd into a few stills so I just keep the actor
credits. I created a bmp file for each screen, used those
bmps as the video in muxman, saved the project. Edited the
project file changing for each bmp entry the line "Duration=Default"
to "Duration=00:00:05:00". Reloaded the project in muxman
created the output and then used vobblanker to replace the
original end credits cell with the new one. Plays fine on
my standalone, but PowerDVD acts strange if you rewind
during the stills.

1st May 2005, 18:45
Why didn't you just set the duration times in the file list? After you select all the file names the list opens up to allow you to fix the order, and you can set the duration of each bmp.

1st May 2005, 20:14
Why didn't you just set the duration times in the file list?

WOW! I must be blind! I can't believe that I have never
noticed that before! Thanks for the info!

2nd May 2005, 04:01
Originally posted by sesko
Can someboady tell me the easy way to convert bmp to m2v with no lose of quality.


Just wanted to provide another method to getting a better quality m2v. After you get the VOB, you can demux the m2v out of it.

2nd May 2005, 04:36
Welcome back 2COOL!

For sesko, if he's still reading, definitely try still encoding with TMPGEnc and MuxMan.... but I never found the mpeg2enc routines used by DVDAuthorGUI to be substandard (for stills). Do the stills look bad even on your TV? I have found that a hi-res computer monitor can be much less flattering for DVD size images than a comparatively low resolution TV.

10th May 2005, 13:15
i found a way to have the best guality, i do m2v from bmp with dvdshrink and than i remuxe vob with vobedit