View Full Version : Menu timing information

19th March 2005, 14:05

i found out the menu on the dvd is available in 1 file, that means in the main menu, if u press the button to go to the chaptermenu the player "jumps" to the location in that menufile where the chaptersubmenu starts to play. Its the same for the main movie : could be seen as 1 file that skipps parts to go to another chapter.

I would like to program a navigatormenu on my own to watch my dvd's.

I allready was able to get the timing information from the chapter : i managed to get the specific timelocations in the main movie (using DirectShow) where the chapters start playing. But i would like to get the same information from the menufile : for example at what time does the chaptersubmenu starts playing?

I hope i explained it well enough to get some help.