View Full Version : Stripping audio and subtitles in RB only blanks them?

10th March 2005, 19:58
I tried using DVD-RB on an un-pre-processed source: Leon (Deluxe Edition).

Long story short, I unchecked the DTS track and all the subtitles except English.

However, in RB's output (re-encoded DVD) I have noticed that the things that were ripped out are still SELECTABLE in PowerDVD. For example, I can go from English 1 (in the audio right-click menu) to English 2. Show Information (in PowerDVD) shows that English 2 is DTS 5.1 -- except it is naturally silent because the DTS was ripped out.

With DVD Shrink when I rip things out they totally disappear from the right-click menu in PowerDVD. So does RB strip things differently?

Lastly, maybe I clicked in the wrong place or did it wrong somehow but my DVD-RB -removed subtitles are still in the movie. I just tried French and Spanish in PowerDVD and they're still there. Kinda strange, but probably some mistake on my part. But the DTS track is definitely gone (yet still shows up in the menu).

10th March 2005, 20:34
dvd-rb does remove what you select to remove, however, it does not remove the flags for the selected audio/subtitles. It does not usually matter for the playback, but i have had one movie where the DTS (which i removed) was on track#1, meaning (play by default) well, the movie played without sound, i had to manually select DD 5.1. What you can do to remove them is to run the vobs through ifoedit, that program removes the audio aswell as the flags.

10th March 2005, 20:42
Ok, gotcha.

I was hoping that DVD-RB (in combination with DVD Shrink) would be enough for my needs. I really don't want to get into Ifoedit and PGCEDIT and things like that. I know Shrink can do pretty much what I need but it's too bad you can't link it in with CCE because I prefer encoding to transcoding (I have seen the difference now with my own eyes).

If there was a simple way to completely blank certain extras in DVD-RB, I'd be all over it like flies on sh*t! Unfortunately, it seems to do that you have to use Shrink or some other low-level tool to pre-process.

10th March 2005, 21:35
I always use Shrink first on a disc, with no compression, to completely remove language streams and their flags. It's easy to do, and fast at doing it, and it also outputs to an .ISO file if you want to run NuMenu4U to compress menu vobs as a next step.

This is the backup procedure I found works quite well for me:

1) Rip & language stream removal with DVD-Shrink to an ISO file
2) Menu compression to ~3600kbs with NuMenu4U using above ISO via DaemonTools
3) if title has multi-angle (like foreign language titles), remove with IFOedit
4) Menu edits and vob blanking with DVDReMake
5) Prepare pass with DVD-RB & check/tweak bitrates with RB-Opt
6) Repeat steps 4 & 5 to blank more VOBs if needed to increase main movie bitrate
7) Encode with DVD-RB, applying 4x3 -> 16x9 scaling for non-anamorphic letterbox VOBs
8) test & burn

10th March 2005, 21:38
You can use Shrink after RB to eliminate the flags: open the RB output in Shrink. It will show you the audio and subtitles, but those blanked by RB will have size Zero. Deselect them in Shrink and backup

10th March 2005, 21:47
Wow guys, thanks for that detailed reply and those tips. I will look into NuMenu4U and DVDRemake (are they very n00b-unfriendly?)

But pg55555 just posted something that made me have an epiphany! Why don't I just go in reverse, since DVD-RB seems to be having trouble preparing pre-processed stuff?

For example:

1) Open a DVD (file structure on hard drive) using DVD-RB. Do not take out any audio streams or titles. Re-encode the main movie and any extras I want.

2) Open the resulting output in DVD Shrink, and blank stuff there.

This may not work though, because DVD-RB probably encodes at a bitrate so that the output DVD would fit on a DVD-R. I wonder if there is a way to get it to hit a certain file size target? Like say I use Shrink first and see that in the end the movie has to be shrunk to X size. Then I use RB first and in some advanced setting and tell it to hit that size. Then later I can open in Shrink and strip out stuff more easily.

Would this work? I realize it's convoluted as hell. It seems the guys on this forum are already DVD experts and would rather do everything manually with specific tools. I just wanted to avoid that if possible because Shrink does everything I want except CCE encoding.

10th March 2005, 22:14
Will the demo version of DVDRemake work, or do I have to purchase the Pro version?

10th March 2005, 22:18
Yes, you can go in reverse... but it gets complicated and a lot of work since only going forward will let you fine tune what you keep and what you trim to arrive at an acceptable target video bitrate. I suppose if you could tabulate all of the sizes and bitrates of things, before you did anything, that you could plan out the final trimming and compressing sizes, compute the oversize needed, then proceed in reverse by running DVD-RB first.

11th March 2005, 02:17

you can download the demo of dvdremake and see if you like it, the only thing you cannot do with the demo version is to export the modified disc. There is another program, that basically does the sme thing but is free. i am talking about Vobblanker, which is much harder to use than dvdremake, but free.

as far as the flags you mentioned before, they dont matter, i mean if you have some extra references to deleted audio tracks and such. here is what i do to all my backups, as i saw some people posted their strategies on backup.

1. decrypt with dvd decrypter.
2. edit out crap form the disc (warnings, trailers etc etc)with dvd remake pro or vobblanker
3. if there is more than one angle, or if the flags bother me, i run it though ifoedit (real easy) not yet had the nerve to try a multi angle backup with dvd rebulider.
4. set dvdrb to 3pass cce.
5. burn

11th March 2005, 07:15
be careful when removing the flags. sometime it can cause you problems.
read the DVD ReBuilder (DVD-RB) Frequently Asked Questions Q5.
If it was that easy, wouldn't you think dvd-rb would remove them? vobblanker also keeps the flags when stripping streams.