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3rd March 2005, 21:27
I burned a back up copy of Season of the Hunted ( a B movie)
on play back all was fine I wanted to save a scene to show my wife something and when I tried to do a screen capture with Power DVD all I got when I pasted it was a green screen ........ what am I doing wrong ???

6th March 2005, 01:24
This is from the Help file of PowerDVD 5.0:

"Capturing Your Favorite Scenes

Caution: This option will be unavailable if you enable video hardware acceleration. This option is found in the Video configuration under the section Hardware Acceleration.

During playback, simply click the Capture button to capture any video content as a still image. To be more precise, you may pause the scene, play in slow motion, or step frame and then capture.

Note: The location of the captured images can be set in the Configuration area, for they are saved in .BMP format. Go to the Snapshot for more information.

Info: .BMP (Bitmap) files, uncompressed image files with original quality, take up the most disk space as compared to image formats such as .JPG, which is a lossy image compression format.

Capture Menu
Position the cursor over the Capture button and right click for the Capture menu. These are the same selections found in your Capture configuration area. Please refer to Snapshot.

Capture to clipboard captures the image onto your Windows' clipboard. Then, you may use the paste function with software applications that support this basic function (e.g. MS Word, MS Paint, Photoshop).
Capture to file will capture the image directly into a folder you have selected (go to Snapshot for more information on setting the folder).
Capture to wallpaper (center) will capture the image, centre the image on your desktop, and save it automatically in your default Windows' System folder.
Capture to wallpaper (tile) will capture the image, place the image on your desktop using a tile format, and save it automatically in your default Windows' System folder.
To capture the Original video source size, select this option. If the DVD title is NTSC format, the original source will be 720x480. For PAL, the size will be 720x576. This selection will disregard the current window size.
To capture the Current video window size, select this option. No matter how ridiculous the current window size displayed on your monitor, this selection will capture it!
To control the size of video you capture, click the Custom size option."

You may probably do more searching and reading on your own.