View Full Version : Need help with masks in Vegas Video 4

28th February 2005, 11:02
Hi folks,

I have a problem that might be easy to solve but I have no idea how. I'll try to explain shortly :

I have :
- A video with someone moving on a fixed background (forest)
- A picture of exactly the same background without him

I'd like to :
- Apply a "mask" to remove everything from the background except the man moving
- And have then a transparent background (which should be easy when the background is removed (because I want to have another video "under" it).

I tried for hours many masks : luminance, alpha, add, remove, substract, difference... there's no way I can get something at least approaching to what I want. Any idea ?

Thanks a lot for any help !

28th February 2005, 14:03
For those interested, I found this tutorial (http://matthew.chaboud.com/vegas5/twocats/)

It contains what I want but is more complicated than I thought :eek:
And I might have to upgrade to Vegas 5 :mad:
I'll try to find another way first.