View Full Version : better OPV sizing w/ v76

13th February 2005, 18:40
It's just one sample, but... I ran an OPV project last night with RB v75, and came out with a Q of 4, and size result of 3.9 Gb :(

Just ran the same project w/ v76 this morning which resulted in a Q of 3, and size of 4.23 Gb :)

All settings otherwise the same (using CCE 2.70)... Jdobbs, apparently the changes you made for OPV prediction (Corrected the opv_brate_max value) in this version have made a difference ;)

14th February 2005, 01:28
Yeah, I worked on the OPV prediction algorithm a little so it would work better with v2.70 -- those smaller Q values had an impact...

14th February 2005, 03:30
thanks for the fine-tuning :D