View Full Version : Error: "This window size is not accepted by selected MPEG-2 level"

11th February 2005, 00:22
Hi everyone,

I am currently making a motion menu with audio, that I want to use in TMPG DVD Author, and I have read that to do this, you have to encode a MPEG-2 file using a still image as a video source, along with your audio.

So, I'm trying to do this in TMPGEnc Plus, but am getting the error "this window size is not accepted by selected MPEG-2 level". I am trying to use a .jpg image of 1024x768 in size when I get this error. I've tried converting the file to .bmp, and re-sizing it to 800x600, but the same error repeats.

I've searched the forums but with no solution...please help!



11th February 2005, 05:11
Rather than say, I'll just point you to a place that neatly lists all the valid DVD "resolutions":


11th February 2005, 21:46
Thank you very much indeed, that's fixed it. :) I had just assumed that TMPGEnc Plus would re-size it itself.

Much obliged,