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7th February 2005, 18:01
I've been using Divx and Xvid to compress my videos for a while now, but now my movies won't play properly. They always used to. All my Divx and Xvid files play back really dark on my monitor. I've used Windows Media player and Divx player. Some of the movies are so dark that they are practically black in certain parts. Each movie doesn't playback the same either. Some videos have been pretty watchable, while others have been unwatchable. The problem seems to have developed since I updated to Windows 2000 pro, service pack 4. The videos play fine on my stand alone Divx/MPG4 player. Also, I've got my computer hooked up to a TV through my video card and the videos play fine on it too. It's just my monitor that's messed up. I've got all the most resent drivers for my computer. This is my configuration:

HP Vectra
PIII 733mHz
128 RD RAM
40G Matrox 7200 RPM Hard Drive
64MB nVidia GeForce MX 4400 (I think) with VGA and TV out
Crystal SoundBlaster onboard sound
NEC MULTISYNC M700 monitor

Thanks for the help!

8th February 2005, 20:07
hi and welcome to the forum,
have you installed any other codecs (or filters) laterly? my guess is that you might have installed another codec that took over your mpeg4 playback and now screws up bady on doing it.

to solve this (if you do not know what codec might be causing this trouble) try installing as many codecs from your system as possible and then reinstall them one after one (only the ones you need of course) to find out which codec was causing the problem


9th February 2005, 00:48
I tried that once already, but it's hard to do because I usually just install a codec pack so it does all of them at once. Also, when I render the video with GSpot, it gives me this video path: (S) --> Avi Splitter --> DivX Decoder Filter --> (R) which looks correct. Also, when I play the movies in Windows Media, the Divx logo appears in the bottom right so that should tell me that the divx codec is the one that's actually doing the work. Thanks for replying.

9th February 2005, 10:31
hi again

just a couple of points:

a) codec packs are bad, period.
b) just because divx is involved in decoding the file it doesn't mean that another codec isn't screwing up your decoding.
c) you can still uninstall the codecs one by one through your control panel (system > device manager > audio & video codecs > video codecs)