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5th February 2005, 18:36

I have the 0.50b working. I have tried some later RB and none of them works. I would like to know if any other version (multi-angle if possible) works.
Where can I download the CCE 2.67 SP trial?. The 2.70 donīt work with win98


5th February 2005, 19:14
You can get CCE 2.66 trial from the dowmload page of Doom9. Pretty much the same but 2.66 is a Final and 2.67 was a Beta.

As far as DVD-RB on Win 98, I only did it once for a friend and it's still working great (he is using DVD-RB .72 now)

5th February 2005, 19:17
2.70 needs an amd xp or later processor i think. What does RB do when you try to use it? Why do you say it doesnt work?

5th February 2005, 19:36
When I try the newest versions I get the "error 5" message and I canīt open the RB. As I have read it was a known problem of some old versions, discussed here.


However it seems that the problem is again here. When I have tried to update the RB for multiangle movies I canīt find any that works with win98:confused:

5th February 2005, 19:50
if youre trying to encode with win98 why aren't you on xp?

5th February 2005, 20:00
I have some old programs in my computer that wonīt work with XP. And I still use them:sly:

6th February 2005, 00:59
All things must pass.

6th February 2005, 05:00