View Full Version : Problem with time date stamp on burnt dvd URGENT

24th January 2005, 17:29
I hope someone can help me. When I transfer my image files from my PC to DVD using Nero or Easy CD creator the Picture Taken Time date stamp is NOT transferred. Although it is when transferring to CD's

I wrote to nero who replied with a massive questionaire. It is a simple problem to understand I just hope there is a solution

Many thanks


24th January 2005, 22:52
Me thinks it's easily done. Change your computer's date & time of your choosing.

25th January 2005, 17:54
Maybe I didn't explain myself properly..........

The time date stamp Date Picture Taken is originally stored on the camera and transferred to the PC along with the file

So I have Date modified Date created and Date Picture taken

The Date picture taken Time date stamp is NOT transferred to the dvd during burning using Nero or Easy Cd creator

Although it works ok with Cd's

Maybe there is a program which will burn the file as I require or maybe there is a tweak I can use with Nero or Easy Cd creator

Hope that's clearer


27th January 2005, 16:22
Let's see:

say you have a pic called picnic.jpg dated 07/07/2002. You want the same date to be reflected in the DVD, yes?

I believe you need to click Nero(Express)'s MORE button and it's on the left hand side. "use the same date..." something like that.

I dunno beyond that.