View Full Version : Have the vobs but not the .ifo and .bup files

17th January 2005, 21:50
i have the vobs to a movie i ripped, i usually just convert it to svcd but i got a dvdr burner. I wanna use those existing vob files is there like a generic .ifo file that will run those vobs or a program that creats an .ifo file.


17th January 2005, 22:01
just drop them into dvd lab pro. There is a fully functioning trial version (check google for download)

17th January 2005, 22:06
use vob edit to recreate the ifo
chapters are splitted by cells points

17th January 2005, 22:19
Originally posted by XMEN3
use vob edit to recreate the ifo:eek: I know you meant to say IfoEdit, right? Anyways, here's the guide (http://ifoedit.wh.fr0zen.com/createifo094.html) If the VOBs have subtitles in them, you'll be hard-pressed to get the right colors for them as the originals.