View Full Version : DGBob (50 fps mode) & DirectShowSource - always wrong framerate or speed

4th January 2005, 12:00
This is the script I use for creating 50 fps AVI from interlaced MPEG2 PAL TV:

LoadPlugin("c:\programme\avisynth 2.5\plugins\dgbob.dll")
LoadPlugin("c:\programme\avisynth 2.5\plugins\MPEGDecoder.dll")



Now I tried using DirectShowSource, because with MPEGSource I first have to extract the MPA audio, convert it to WAV and then add it in VirtualDubMod. ( I used to use MPASource, but MPA to LAME MP3 doesn't work in VDub. :( )

DirectShowSource is very practical because it opens the audio track, too. It needs the fps parameter, so I set it. But whatever I set in VDub, the output video is either too fast or its fps is too low. When I change no parameters, just switch from using MPEGSource to DirectShowSource, the output video has 50 fps, but plays twice as fast.
How can I fix this? I don't want to do all the extra-work with the audio anymore.