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9th December 2004, 05:51
Hi folx,

I have a FlyVideo 3000FM TV Tuner card for analog video. It works great for recording analog sources such as LaserDiscs or VHS onto DVD.

I've now been thinking about digital TV Tuner card and I was wondering what cards would people recommend that have Philips chipset for ADC.

So basically I need the functionality for analog video (NTSC/PAL/SECAM) as well as for digital TV Tuner. I live in the USA. Thanks.


11th December 2004, 01:47

I have the following cards working without conflict in my powerful computer:

1. WinTV Nexus-S DVB

2. Avermedia TV Stereo Tuner card

The Nexus comes with a hardware mpeg decoder and I can watch Satellite TV and do other tasks because the CPU is free of tasks.

I am able to capture in real time with my nexus directly to MPEG, it works like a dream using ProgDVB latest version, no crashes, no freezes.

I love it !!!


11th December 2004, 02:20
What can you do with WinTV Nexus S DVB?

Do you use it for digital capture from Satellite dish? Can it also handle the digital cable?

And another thing how does it handle the analog video and analog cable? Or do you use Aver Media for that?

About hardware MPEG encoder? Is it used when you receive a digital broadcast or is it also used when you received analog?

By the way, do you know that Hauppauge discontiuned this product?


11th December 2004, 02:36
"S" is for satellite
"T" is for terrestial
"C" is for cable

These cards are only digital.
And forget about cable in USA:
Only the Fusion card (for both digital and analogue C & T) can handle US cable signal but most digital cable channels are encrypted.

Technotrend builds the identical card as Hauppauge and they work great!!!!
But even Satellite providers are changing encryption methods next year and very likely it will be the end of most computer based satellite viewing in USA.

11th December 2004, 09:51
As to your original question:
The Fusion card does provide digital and analogue cable and antenna tv reception for USA.
It also can be used for analogue video capture.
I have a TT-DVB S card and a Fusion card on same computer without conflict.
I am using the Fusion card for analogue purposes but I am using it with MainConcept PVR software for cable viewing and recording and iuVCR software for analogue video capture.
The MainConcept PVR is far superior in quality to the Fusion supplied software.
But the Fusion card is especially good for HD terrestial reception.
Perhaps the Fusion card meets all your needs.

13th December 2004, 04:00
Originally posted by hms
But the Fusion card is especially good for HD terrestial reception.
Perhaps the Fusion card meets all your needs.

What's TT DVB? Also do you know ADC Fusion uses on board? Thanks.


13th December 2004, 04:45
TT DVB S is the Technotrend card for digital satellite reception with the hardware decoder.
Identical to the Hauppauge card.
And check out the Fusion card at this site:
And you would find a lot of discussions about the Fusion card on this site:
This should help you in your research.

2nd January 2005, 12:46
People living in Europe might be interested in the Pinnacle MediaCenter 300i (http://www.pinnaclesys.com/docloader_n.asp?templ=10&doclink=/WebVideo/pctvmediacenter300i/English(UK)/doc/MediaCenter300i_features_specs_2.html&Product_ID=2451&Langue_ID=2&loc=spec&division_id=). It has terrestrial analogue and digital tuners, plus composite and s-video inputs.