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23rd November 2004, 21:03
Hi I have been backing up my own dvd's for a while. Recently I have encountered problems when playing my back ups. All throughout the films it keeps freezing for a short period and then carries on and then gets worse and more frequent as the film play.

I have tried encoding with shrink and recode but get the same results. I have been using Ritek g04 with and have recently upgraded to Nero the burner I use is a NEC 1300.

Could it be the version of Nero or a problem with my burner. I also notice it stalling on my PC as I thought it might be my standalone DVD player.

23rd November 2004, 23:33
Ritek is generally considered to be good media, although you'd have to check out the lot numbers to see if there's been reported trouble with a specific lot. Most of this kind of problem is due to inferior media, check out media compatibility for your burner and standalone player using the links below.

One of the trademark signatures of crummy media is the file getting harder and harder to read as the laser moves further away from the hub. Your problem is most likely finding media that both your burner and player "agree" on.

Player/media compatibility (http://www.dvdrhelp.com/dvdplayers)
Burner/media compatibility (http://www.dvdrhelp.com/dvdwriters)


24th November 2004, 17:59
Are these playback problems on old (relatively, IE: have been played a few time already) copies or on the 1st viewing of the latest copies you've made?

2nd December 2004, 23:17
I am having a similar, if not the exact same problem. I have Prodisc Prograde inkjet printable discs. I use dvddecrypter with dvd shrink and either burn with Nero through dvd shrink or with dvddecrypter. I updated all software I can think of, the firmware on my burner, which is a Plextor 708-A, and called a friend who recommended these discs and he has been having no similar problems. It usually happens towards the end of the disc. It will start to skip and sputter a bit, and eventually freeze altogether. I don't know what else to try. Any suggestions?

7th December 2004, 19:36
Sounds like a media or writer problem especially at the end of the disk although I only use G04`s and have never had a bad disk, have you tried cleaning the writer? Could be a bad batch of disks as has been suggested, I`ve read on here people having problems if the bitrate is above 8000kb/s but that`s only 1hr of film per dvd.

If the disks are cheap versions using G04 dye you can sometimes see spotting at the outer edges of the dye area due to poor manufacture, this causes errors.