View Full Version : Video CD is shown as Audio CD

Video Master
19th November 2004, 08:07
Hi all,

I really didnt know exactly where this question should go so i asked
it here.

I am facing a very strange problem when i insert a VCD Disc 1 into
my CD/DVD Rom Drive it shows up as Audio CD but when i enter the same
VCD into a VCD Player (SONY,samsung .......) which gets connected
to the TV set it runs properly over there.

Why is the VCD shown as AudioCD.

When i enter the DISC2 of the same movie in my PC CD/DVD Rom drive.
it is shown as VCD.

On scanning the Disc1 with clonnyXXL it shows that it has
Illegal TOC and Alcohol120% shows that it has 2 tracks.
Track 1 is very small 2MB
Track 2 is very big 700 MB approx

IS there any way i can view this VCD which is shown as Audio CD on
my PC

Wating for your replies