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15th November 2004, 19:53
I'm try to encoding my first movie.avi (Tonari no totoro)..

file.avi is an xvid 800x432 with 23.976 fps
audio ac3 bitrate 448kbps with 48000...

I would like to ask information about my script:


I'm using CCE with my file.avs... I've used bicubic resise because i can't do a DVD with 800x432.. are correct the settings about resize and borders?

I've encode a little part of movie and I've noticed that the color about file mpv are not good than color about avi... what I must to do?
I must use other function o

Please help me .....

Thanks to all

15th November 2004, 22:12
The resize with borders is the correct size.

For the color get ColorMatrix (http://www.geocities.com/wilbertdijkhof/ColorMatrix_v15.zip)

I think the correct parameters are

ColorMatrix(clip, mode="Rec.601->Rec.709")

16th November 2004, 14:22
thansk a lot... :D

Mug Funky
16th November 2004, 16:11
could you post a before and after of the source and the encode. just still pics will do.

"not good" colour isn't too descriptive :) there's a few things it could be (i always had trouble with luma ranges).

i haven't tried colormatrix... that could be it :)

16th November 2004, 23:45
Maybe try adding converttoyuy2() at the end of your script?