View Full Version : Dawn of the Dead (2004) sign problem

1st November 2004, 13:55
I've just finished backing up Dawn of the Dead (2004) and I've tried it at 70% and 80% target quality with a set res of 720 and I can't seem to read some of the signs that Andy holds up during the movie. Is there anyway to make sure those scenes get enough bitrate without making the whole movie huge?

1st November 2004, 14:05
Yes. If you're using DivX, you can use DivX EKG to make this sort of adjustment. Instructions for using it can be found starting on page 109 of the DivX Guide. The Guide is found on the same webpage as the codec: www.divx.com/divx

1st November 2004, 15:10
Or "Zones" with XviD?

3rd November 2004, 13:32
Thanks for the reply I'm using Xvid and I see how you use zones in the doom9 tutorial but how do you use it when using AutoGK?

3rd November 2004, 23:58
You don't. You'll have to either use Gordian Knot as the front end, or encode manually.