View Full Version : AVS 3D Filter, awesome!

17th October 2004, 04:10
Check it out, just created it, might need some tuning, this worked for me though:


Now, to enjoy the 3D effect:
You might need to have a still picture when you try this for the first time. Then, when you are able to locate the picture that should appear between the other two pictures you can press play and the whole clip should be seen in 3D, awesome! So you actually see three instead of the two slightly shifted clips, the middle one being in 3D.
I cross my eyes and when I see the ghost image coming I just try to look at it and all of a sudden it stands still. This technique has been known to work for images that are taken from two slightly different perspectives. Most doctors say it's not bad at all for the eyes, the opposite seems to be the case! Most people (!) can master the technique fairly quick. I took look at my first picture of that kind and was able to enjoy the full effect within a minute!
I'll try this with a fast clip now. Only one I've tried was (edit: removed title by mod) sample. :D
And if you've already mastered the technique (it's pretty hard to keep the focus when the picture is moving!), you can alter the FrameShiftCount, the higher it is the greater the 3D effect should be I suppose...


18th October 2004, 10:50
just get some pulvrich(sp?)-3d-glasses, will have the same cheap pseudo-3d effect
looks ok if something is produced for it, else it's nothing great

and if i where you i'd remove the reference to illegal material