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12th October 2004, 21:43

I have this problem with DVDshrink for the past couple of months. Whenever I click on its desktop icon, the program won't respond. I even tried un-installing without any success for it says un-install.img file is missing. There is no such file in the Shrink folder. To date I have to literally re-install whenever I need to use Shrink:o :( . SOMETHING SOMETHING must be bothering the access. Any ideas? Recently the same occurs on PGCedit. Nothing happens when clicked on.

Thanks in advance..

13th October 2004, 01:46
i assume you have ran a virus scanner over your system with the latest updates to it ?

13th October 2004, 15:31
Originally posted by dragongodz
i assume you have ran a virus scanner over your system with the latest updates to it ?

I agree with Dragongodz it sounds like a virus. If its not then you have to do a complete manual uninstall including deleting all references to shrink from the registry.

15th October 2004, 18:00
Thanks for the suggestion and sorry I didn't response promptly due to my limited net access(only @work ;)). Virus may be a possiblity which I doubt though, for why would it only gives me a hard time with DVDshrink and not other programs?

@DDlooping, any ideas?

Thanks again, will at least eliminate that aspect(virus).

16th October 2004, 18:52
Hi all. :)

Surf, the usual causes for this problem are:
- Virus.
- Software conflict (Roxio, Pinnacle,...).
- Corrupted files/drivers.
- More rarely: DVD Shrink preview >> ON. Incompatible DirectX.

You say you've had this problem with DVD Shrink for a couple of month.
Were you previously able to launch it normally?
If yes, what changes did you make to your system since (new software, Windows update, new hardware,...)?

17th October 2004, 18:19
IT WAS the VIRUS!!! W32.@#$%&*, couldn't remember the exact name now(not home). It's so mischieviously nasty that it wouldn't let Norton delete/quarantine it. Time to roll up the sleeves...

I probably picked it up when collecting them (Virtual)Dubby filters(elsewhere)...this forum is just too captivating...:D


DVDshrink install 2 files, one *.dat and the *.exe. I suppose the DAT file holds the location...? When I first attempted to un-install, I was told that *.img file is missing. You may be interested to know about this..

17th October 2004, 18:45
Glad you found the culprit. :)

Here are the files installed by DVD Shrink on my system (in the DVD Shrink installation folder).


So I don't know if your install (2 files) is typical or not. :confused:

18th October 2004, 15:02
Managed to put down W32.PINFI

:D :D

Mine is exactly like yours the two unins000.* files. Just find that the un-installer complained that it couldn't find the unins000.img file. Well, there is no such file installed.

Anyway, back to re-authoring and deep analysis :D :D