View Full Version : ReJig strange problem!!!

8th October 2004, 19:34
Hi guys!
First time using ReJig / DVD Author and immediately problem.
After I put everything in place (m2v, ac3, sup) and select NTSC I push Create button and the process starts. But after only one pass (muxing) the process stops. In just 1 second it displays the second process (muxing subtitles) and it finishes. And I get vobs with 12 kb size. Just before end of the first pass I was checking what is going on in the background, and I saw mux.vob with the size about 4 GB, but in the end, that file was gone, and I was left with nothing. The tutorial says it is supposed to be 4 passes, and I donít know what I am doing wrong.
Please help!!