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9th September 2004, 19:49
I have been reading and using the guides here for about a year. This is the best information spot I have found. Everything on DVD backup is covered.
I am now trying to learn how to backup my firmware on a nec 6100a internal laptop dvd. I plan to use Dangerous Brothers flash to be able to burn -R disk as well. This is my first firmware upgrade/ flash and I am not sure what to do. I hope that if I backup the firmware and things go wrong on the flash I can get back to an original state. I have an inspiron 9100 with the 6100a dvd; but NO 3.5 floppy. I have a Pan burner connected by usb. The directions for the flash are for windows. It is my understanding that I can only back up in dos. Could anyone tell me the steps to do that?

Thanks for any help

11th September 2004, 04:55
GSD check out this website www.rpc1.org