View Full Version : God I am such a n00b!

7th September 2004, 18:57
OK I really don't hope anyone gets mad at me for posting something like this... but I've read the faqs, chekcked the sticky's... and I understand NOTHING about DVD burning. I only know how to use Nero to drag files onto a disc and then click burn!
I need a little help... I think I might've bought crappy discs but the discs I burn can only read in my writer which is MSI DR8-A2 (model: MS-8408A, f/w: 1.50 (I think)). When I put them in my dvd-rom drive which is MSI D16(-2?) (model: MS-8216S, f/w: 1.30 (I think)) they wont read. Ive tried two "cheaper" disc vendors... infiniti and Xerox. Lotta ppl suggest Riteks G04's? Could it be that I bought bad discs twice? Or is it my drive? Well i don't think its my drive cause the discs dont read in my dads PC, sister's laptop or the home DVD player.
Please note that the discs DO STILL READ in my burner... but that seems to be the only drive that can read them (and write them!).

Please help. I have to format my PC soon and I wanna see if I can burn everythiing right before then so I wont have to waste discs on it.

8th September 2004, 13:20
pretty sure they're -R. I know that Xerox ones are definitly!

8th September 2004, 14:20
Check that you don't burn multisession DVD-R.

9th September 2004, 00:58
i dont. even if i try to nero will advise me not to...

14th September 2004, 19:00
are you burning the dvd by just dragging the video_ts and audio_ts folders on to a data dvd? to get dvd to play on your home dvd player, you need to use the dvd video mode when you select the type of disk to burn in nero.