View Full Version : File Structure Problem With IC 8.3 ???

2nd September 2004, 10:12
Hello my friends.After IC finishes the DVD processing and the final result is put in the VIDEO_TS folder i tried to copy with NERO (dvd-video files) and i get a message that 'the video_ts.vob' (or something like that ,sorry i dont remember) does not exist' and the final result might not be playable.Well i burned and it played fine on my computer (did not test it on my standalone dvd-player because it is DEAD :devil:) . Has anyone ecountered such problem?And what might be the cause for this problem.

2nd September 2004, 13:32
The VIDEO_TS.VOB is not mandatory on a DVD. Your DVD probably contained no menu for the "Video Manager" and that way there is no content for VIDEO_TS.VOB.

2nd September 2004, 14:23
Im sorry i dont remember exactly what NERO reported (im at work right now and i cant test it) but the result from IC was a full DVD with all extras and menus(reduced to 30 percent).