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27th August 2004, 17:57
I was wondering if this is a decent card for capturing video to disk with. Is there a review of current versions of capture cards that gives reviews that will let me make a comparison of feature, and what features should I be looking for. I want to use it for recording from cable & vcr to burn to disk. I have RoadRunner digital cable in the US.

29th August 2004, 09:43
If you're only capturing and don't need FM radio or hardware decoding (only for the TV-out), choose PVR-250. You'll save some money but get the same card without those mentioned features.

I've been using PVR-250 for almost a year now and I have to say it's the best capture card I ever had, and I've had a couple. Just use WinTVCap & WinTVCap Start for capturing and there will be no problems. I wouldn't use Hauppauge's own programs even if they paid me:p

EDIT: A small typo..

29th August 2004, 11:15
Do either of the cards have s-video output? I want to use it as a tivo device also and want s-video out.

29th August 2004, 11:47
According to http://www.hauppauge.com/pages/compare_pvr.html , the PVR-350 has S-Video and Composite out. Both of them are probably hardware decoded.

29th August 2004, 14:52
Will WinTVCap Start work with titantv or other scheduler locations from the net?

29th August 2004, 14:54
That I don't know, but I suggest you see www.shspvr.com , especially the forums there. If you don't find the information you need, just post a question there and I'm sure someone will help you.

30th August 2004, 18:48
The PVR-350 indeed has S-video and composite out. The PVR-250 does not, which is (I think) the only difference between the cards. The PVR-350 is fantastic. I was using a Dazzle DVC-II on my old PC, but I think the Hauppage is just as good in terms of quality and it has a TV tuner, unlike the DVC-II. I can't answer your question as to whether or not it will work with other schedulers. I only record a few shows that always come on at the same time and date each week, so I have no need to consult schedulers.

31st August 2004, 00:30
Thanks for the help.I am going to order the 350 today.

12th September 2004, 19:47
What would be better a 350 with svideo out or a seperate video card with svideo out that would also show the computer desktop and other programs, and what card?

17th September 2004, 01:33
You may want to take a look at gottvpvr.com. The software is still rough right now, but there is a scheduler (North America) and support for xmltv. Personally, I went for the video card, but that has been a pain in the ass. You might try asking around avs forum. Lots of people there have experience with this.


29th September 2004, 12:32
Ok best PVR I have found so far that works out of the box so to speak with the 350 is GB-PVR. Check it out.