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12th August 2004, 14:24
After a couple of weeks of trying to create 3:2 content for dvd burning on linux I took it upon myself to port pulldown.exe(the windows utility) to linux. I've tested it and it works great.

For those interested Pulldown (

12th August 2004, 15:59
Nice job, compiles and runs fine here, Thanks!


PS, I have a linux port of vStrip if anyone is interested (its a patch against the 0.8f sources). Unfortunately I have nowhere to host it, send me a pm if interested.

12th August 2004, 22:06
For easier use, fetch distcc from http://distcc.samba.org/,
It compiled for me without a problem although i bravely ignored some error messages like 'warn_unused_result' attribute directive ignored

Afterwards compile pulldown and you can use it via "pulldown", without options will result in that lil info text

"PULLDOWN is a tool for modifying the encoding flags in an MPEG-2 video
stream. It is most useful for turning a 23.976fps progressive stream into
an SVCD or DVD-compliant 29.97fps NTSC interlaced stream via 2:3 pulldown."

My Fazit - great, although right now I am sadly (mostly) stuck to MPEG-1 here on my Linux machine - and i dont like MPEG1 so much atm. Hope to test it for MPEG2 soon. :)

13th August 2004, 14:13
ffmpeg is your friend for the mpeg2, good luck...for those wanting it I'll have a mono gui sometime this weekend. Why? Because I want to :)

Check the makefile to define GCC or CC as your compiler...