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17th July 2004, 12:47

Ive done subtitle conversions from srt to ssa(via subtitle workshop) then ssa to son(via sbt maestro) then son to vobsub (via son2vobsub)
then vobsub to sup (via subtosup), after authoring in ifoedit subs are perfect and everything except one problem

Below the subtitle(onerow or 2 rows)theres 1 black line,

I want to know what causes it to appears? and how to remove it from appearing?

I Mean I can remove it if i go DVD2dvd(svcd) software to do reauthoring , then that line is gone, But i want to know original removal way.

P.S. If i author via DVD maestro, and add in subs *.son(wich created MaestroSBT) after authoring theres no blackline below subtitles.

So it only happens after when authoring is done with IfoEdit.

But again questions are: What causes it to appears and how to remove it from appearing?


NOTE: That blackline is also shown on Tv when watched on standalone player.

18th July 2004, 23:48
Problem fixed. It caused maestroSBT when creating with ifoedit. Just be careful when positioning margins down in styling tab that caused black line.

29th July 2004, 02:14
Could you be more specific?

11th March 2005, 02:22
I don't know what he's talking about, but I know how to get rid of the black line.

In MaestroSBT under Rendering, check the bottom left check box entitled "Don't Clip bitmaps"