View Full Version : Testers for Smart Video Copier needed

17th July 2004, 10:38
Hi Folks,

I know there are a couple of task-specific frontend GUIs for AviSynth, but none of them matched these everyday reqirements requested by alot of people in the forums all around:

- Concatenate captured chunks (2/4/...GB)

- Correctly resize from any DivX or other footage size format

- Convert source to 16:9 anamoprph

- Choose denoise with savable presets

- Remove broadcaster logos with savable presets

The major adavantage of SmartVideoCopy will be the ability to immediately view the results of the settings. Such pre-processed material can then be frame-served to any Encoder and/or NLE Software for further encoding/editing, without depending on their features.

I plan to release the software on a donation basis. What I need most in the current stage of development, are some serious(!) testers who may also give some input about the not yet supported (as I don't use them) source- and output formats. Currently supported formats are:

- DV PAL (720x576 25fps)
- Any size DivX etc. 25fps progressive format

- DVD 720x576 25fps RGB24, audio 48kHz 16bit

If you're really interested in contributing to the development of this great timesaver, the please drop me a personal message here in this forum!