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13th July 2004, 20:28
Well, this is my very first post in the Doom9.net forums. So I hope that I have placed this thread in the correct sub forum, and at the same time. I hope that my type of thread haven't been answered thousands of times to the point of making and sticky post for it :p

So I'm working in an old an classic anime called Candy Candy. You can see my work here (link removed by Mod)

I have some important question to ask all of you: Please read them carefully, so that I don't have to repeat myself two times :p

1. My source files are videos that have already been encoded with Divx 5. at a 900 bit rate and 25frames per second. The sound is mpeg layer 3 128k (44100mh) Is it possible for me uncompress the files to the point of leaving them as the original TV rip?

2. My first 20 minutes episode ended up being 172mb, and this cartoon does not have a lot of motion in it, it is basically talking, so I guess it can be compressed to a much smaller size. I encoded it with DivX 3 Low-Motion at 883 bit rate. (I couldn't use Divx 5.11 because those codecs are corrupted and I need to download new ones, hopefully spyware-Free!)And I used the same mpeg layer 3 128k (44100mh) for the sound. I tried encoding them with Xvid 4. AT 900 bit rate with motion precision at level 6 "ultra High" with turbo and cartoon mode checked, but the motion in my video ended up being slow to the point that at times I was able to see the frames when there was a lot of movement. What is the best codec for my videos that will compress it a lot, and give me the best picture quality?

3. What virtual dub filters do you recommend me to use?

4. I'm using SSA 4 for the subtitles. However, I want to some cool karaoke effects to the opening and ending themes, and I can't do this with SSA 4. What program do I use to do this? is there a guide or something that is noob-friendly for me to read? Or can anyone here just tell me how to put them? :confused:

That is it for the moment :D

I hope that you guys are able to answer these questions in an easy and noob-friendly way to understand :)

The future of my Candy Candy release is in your hands :D

13th July 2004, 21:03
Hello, I'm fansubing an anime and I need some proffesional coaching
I think you need to read the forum rules:
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Sorry, no help on this forum.

13th July 2004, 22:09
Originally posted by Sugetsu
What is the best codec for my videos that will compress it a lot, and give me the best picture quality?I would go for RealVideo. I compress anime content from 450kbps (85MB) to 600kbps (100MB) including a HE-AAC soundtrack at 64kbps.

15th July 2004, 06:12
So... any suggestions guys :(

Mug Funky
15th July 2004, 17:08
hmm... the karaoke effect is a little tricky. it could be accomplished with avisynth, but effects like filling the words 1 syllable at a time would be hell to script.

i'd use a dedicated motion-graphics program for that, like After Effects.

the only possible problems is that your source is already divx'd, and decoding it and running it through after effects before re-encoding it will add a fair amount of blur. it'll probably still be watchable of course, but After Effects works in RGB, and divx works in YV12, so the conversions will blur the picture a tad.

there's a subtitling sub-forum that may help you with that - i don't often deal with subtitles beyond backing up anime that i already have on DVD (so it's already subbed...), and i've definitely not played with karaoke stuff. so try the subtitling forum :)