View Full Version : Jaggered Frame Rate Output

12th July 2004, 05:46
When using DVD2SVCD to convert avi's to SVCD occasionally the mpeg result has a staggered video output. The audio is perfect and in sync, but the video looks like it's running at 15fps not 24fps. Any ideas?

The source avi is normal frame rate.
On the DVD2SVCD Encoder tab:
I am using TMPGEnc
Rate control mode is set to CBR (have experimented with all the others and they either error or just don't work.)
Motion Search Precision is at highest quaity (very slow)
VBV Buffer size 0
Field Order Automatic
The rest is all default settings

On the Frameserver tab:
I am using Bicubic resize

If you think you have the answer I would be most appreciative!