View Full Version : What subtitles program support unicode

29th June 2004, 19:46
I want add subtitles by Vietnamese language for avi/divx, I need a subtitles support Unicode to typing VN character.

30th June 2004, 07:27
Why must "Unicode"?
you have tried subtitleworkshop,medusa,etc?
if not work,you can try this soft "matroska",
sorry,I donnt know how to use it.

this is matroska site:

30th June 2004, 11:48
let me advertise a bit my own clumsy program, u96. It works fully in UTF-8. It works in the USF subtitle format, but you can import from srt and ssa/ass and you can output to srt or ssa. Unfortunately i don't know exactly what bugs the latest released version has and corecodec where it is hosted is still down afaik. But if you can't get it (or a working version) contact me and i'll arrange it somehow or try to fix what is broken in the last one :). In the meanwhile try this link (http://www.hta-bi.bfh.ch/~seilf/u96_0.1.9.17_2004-02-06_b683.rar).

On the other hand if you have existing subs and just want to convert them to unicode, try it with Notepad -> save as and select unicode or UTF-8 in the encoding dropdown.

VSfilter supports the reading (display) of both srt and ssa in unicode/UTF-8.

@toysoldier, what you pointed at is not the matroska site, just a good guide to it :)
And you'll find most developers of matroska tools somewhere in the new A/V formats - container part of this forum.

30th June 2004, 18:06
Let me un-advertise my application:
Current version of Medusa (visual basic's one) doesn't support unicode at all, so you need to look for other applications.
In the worst case you can always use your favourite unicode text editor (try Unired if you need the widest unicode trasformations support).