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29th June 2004, 07:33
When I try to burn a DVD using DVDShrink ( a great program by the way), i get an error message when Nero is activated to actually burn the DVD.

I have looked at previous error and fixes and be buggered if i can see a fix, please help.

29th June 2004, 09:26
Hi & welcome to the board,

what is the error message and which program generates the error message, shrink or nero? Also (for the next time :)), picking a more meaningful subject line will ensure more people will read (and possibly answer) your message ...


29th June 2004, 23:41
it appears that the "link" between Nore and dvdshrink is the problem. dvdshrink does it's job and then automatically goes to burn but i get an error meesage that nero has failed. i am at work at the moment but will generate the error message copy and paste asap. thanks for the speedy reponse.

later same day, had the chance to try and get error message. couldn't, now i have a question do i need to be "on-line" to ensure dvdshrink and nero work together reason i ask is that at home i am not on-line and get error message at work on-line no error message? any thoughts.

30th June 2004, 14:54
It should not depend on whether you are online or not (works fine here in both conditions).

Is your copy of Nero reasonably recent? Alternatively, get the free dvddecrypter and use that to burn your dvdshrink output.

1st July 2004, 02:05
thanks for your help, nero is version 6 as i said it now appears to be working. have no idea why. if i have trouble again i will use dycrypter.. again thanks for your help.