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16th June 2004, 15:30
Recently I have backed up several DVD's using D2Sroba to SVCD's. Results have been outstanding and very fast compared to a 4 pass VBR with CCE.

Before burning the SVCD's I checked all of the bin files and found they played perfectly using Power DVD or any other suitable player.

The burned SVCD's play without problem on my stand alone DVD player.

When I try however to play the SVCD's using my PC's DVD drive or my CD drive I get stuttering, jerky playback. Sound is also stuttering. Checked this out on another PC at the office with the same results.

Seems to me it is drive or system related but I cannot seem to determine what needs to be done.

The CD drive is a 48X and the DVD is 16X. Am using Win XP Pro. Plently of memory and CPU speed

Any thoughts appreciated.


16th June 2004, 16:32
Originally posted by plasmannc
When I try however to play the SVCD's using my PC's DVD drive or my CD drive I get stuttering, jerky playback. Sound is also stuttering.How are you trying to play it? Are you perhaps double clicking on the MPG file from an Explorer window? Or are you playing it with PowerDVD in SVCD mode?

16th June 2004, 17:04
I have been selecting the SVCD via the drive indicator within Power DVD.

What is Power DVD's SVCD mode?

16th June 2004, 19:59
Originally posted by plasmannc
What is Power DVD's SVCD mode? You're doing it right. sorry for the confussion, but there is no thing as "SVCD mode", what I meant was doing it just like you are.

The symptom you described is similar to what you get when you try to play the MPEG directly from the CD, since Windows by itself is not always able to read the stream correctly because of the packet size used in SVCDs. But since you are using PowerDVD, I don't think this is the cause.

The only other thing I can think now of is a codec problem (bad media could be too, but if the media plays correctly on your standalone, it should not be the cause).

16th June 2004, 20:06
When you say the bin files play OK, do you mean mounted in Daemon Tools (or similar) virtual drive?

If they play back fine from a virtual drive, codec issues are unlikely IMO, more likely your physical drive not supplying data fast enough for smooth playback. Possibly your PC drives do not like the media you are using but your standalone can read it fine.

Strange problem though :confused:


16th June 2004, 20:23
Thanks for all the replies.

Indeed when I said the .bin plays fine it was from a virtual CD, such a D-tools on my system.

What confuses me is why the jerky playback from CD on four units two each on seperate PC's.

I remember on older versions of windows you could set read ahead functions for CD drives. Cannot seem to find anything like that for XP. Am I missing something?

As long as the SVCD's play well on my DVD player I'm happy. Rarely watch them on the PC.

Thanks again.

16th June 2004, 23:42
If you want to play the burned SVCD on a PC, you can always use your burning software to create an image file for D-Tools, or use VCDXRip to extract the MPEG.

This should then play fine at any rate.

17th June 2004, 01:05
One thing to check is the DVD/CD transfer mode.
Devices manager--> IDE/ATA controller (Not sure if these names are the right ones, my OS is in Spanish)

PIO mode is slower than DMA and XP changes to PIO automatically when detects errors.
Once transfer is in PIO mode, AFAIK, the only way to change it back is editing the registry.

subfolder 0001
delete MasterIdDataCheckSum SecondaryIdDataCheckSum
subfolder 0002
delete MasterIdDataCheckSum SecondaryIdDataCheckSum

and then reboot.

BTW, I was suffering a similar problem, but I had jerky video/audio in powedDVD also with D-tools. My DVD was in PIO mode, but changing to DMA did not solve the problem. Finally I solved it recovering the C partition from my clean backup.