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15th June 2004, 09:52
I have encoded many AVI's with TMPGEnc. Due to disk shortage i decided to skip the intermediate AVI generated by Premiere and use DebugMode's frameserver or the trial version of VideoTool's frameserver. Each time i frameserve TMPGEnc i get a crash with this type of message:

Read error occurred at address XXXXX of module 'P3Package.dll' with YYYYYYY

the time and memory address this happens varies.

I tried frameserving WinDVDcreator and the program freezes or the pc restarts or shuts down.

As a last resort I rendered the movie in premiere and used TMPGEnc without any frameserving. The PC freezes or shuts down unexpectedly but without th P3Package.dll message.

Is a sign of system instability due to increased temperature or do I have to reinstall everything?
Thanks for your time

Video Dude
18th June 2004, 04:56
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