View Full Version : How Do I Encode Clips in GKnot (Not Whole Movies)??

12th June 2004, 04:06
Ok, so GKnot, Excellent program, simple to use, its awesome. However in like a DVD with 8 VOB files, how do I encode say like from time 3 min 2 seconds to 16 min 10 seconds i.e. encoding specific and exact portions that may span like only 2 vob files and might not start or end where the vob files start and end. Is there a file or something i can modify to tell Gknot which time frame to encode. If not is there an automated program that lets me do this. DrDivx I know is supposed to have this option but it doesnt work and DrDivx is a very broken program.

12th June 2004, 12:50
You have already ran DVD2AVI on the VOBs?

I assume so. In DVD2AVI you can select a certain area of the VOB(s), but only one. It then produces its .d2v file which is opened in GordianKnot.

Now you should have only the selection loaded and processed by GK.

12th June 2004, 12:54

I can think of 2 ways to do what you want (I think).

One is through DVD2AVI. Load the vobs into DVD2AVI and use the "[" and "]" buttons to isolate the part you want. Then make your .d2v Project File as usual, open it in GKnot, and take it from there. Although this method may not be as exact as you want, it does have the advantage of giving you the audio of just the part you cut from the vobs.

The other is by using the Trim Command in AviSynth. You'll edit the GKnot generated .avs to Trim or include only the portions you want from the entire film. Although this method might be more precise, you'll then have to cut the audio manually in BeSweet or HeadAC3he to get just the portion you want.

Edit: infiniter beat me to the first method I outlined.