View Full Version : Suggestion for 2 audio, 1 subtitle authoring package

1st June 2004, 13:36

Can anyone suggest a DVD authoring package for me. I have tried a few but none really seem to fit my wish list.

I want to make DVD's of camcorder footage. I would like 2 audio tracks, one for the original soundtrack, and one for an edited cleaned up version, and one subtitle track for date/location info. I am not fussed about integrated menu making or motion menus, and am happy to import elementary streams.

The closest 2 seem to be ReelDVD and ULead DVD Workshop. An hour of footage tends to have between 30 to 80 clips, so in ReelDVD, editing the menu chapter points seems a pain (unless I am missing something) as the navigation indicator from the menu to the clip just shows 1 arrow with a number attached showing the number of links, and no way of visualising the links. I tried ULead DVD Workshop, but I would like a bit more obvious control over/display of navigation. The vast majority of other packages seem to only support one audio track and no subtitles.

So is there a package which can accomodate 2 audio streams, one subtitle stream, and has easy editing of menu to chapter point links, and doesn't completely hide all the navigation details?

1st June 2004, 14:34
dvd-lab pro beta3 support multiple audio/subtitle and is easy to use



2nd June 2004, 14:25
Thanks for the reply. I had been avoiding DVDLab Pro as it was in beta, but maybe I should take a look as it does look good.

neil wilkes
2nd June 2004, 17:54
Adobe's EncoreDVD will also do this with no trouble at all.
30 day tryout version on the Adobe website, and very easy to use. All preview functions are built into the program. With DVDLab, all audio is passed to an external media player, so you cannot easily check before burning.
The only thing in it's favour IMHO is DTS support. Encore is much, much better.

3rd June 2004, 08:23
use the ReJig program, simple and free
multiaudios, multisubtitles,