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20th May 2004, 23:19
This is the script I'm using and it works great. Is there anyway to modify the script to only blur the sections where the logos appear?
Could someone show me how to specify which frames I want to blur?

LoadVirtualdubPlugin("C:\Program Files\Gordian Knot\logoaway.vdf", "L")
L ( 2, 24903785, 4390929, 0, 0, 10, 0, 66051, 0, 1, "", "", "")

Could someone show me how to specify which frames I want to blur?

22nd May 2004, 01:08
TV stations in my country did their best and imagined parental marks during movies (Oh, boy, these logos are elephant size). I do not want to destroy the entire movie with interpolations, when these logos are visible only half of total play time. So I thought about adding scripting ability to let the filter be ON/OFF for certain frame ranges. Then Raj sent me email about moving logos, so probably position will be scriptable too (and maybe other options?). I am afraid users will be forced to use thier favorite text editor to make scripts :-( Good news is that it will be very simple:

0 off
101 on 200, 20
231 on 200, 140
232 off

will mean

Start with logo turned off, turn on on frame 101 on position 200,20. Between frames 101-231 move logo from 120 pixels down. Then on 232 turn filter off.

I found this info in the users manual but when i try to insert "off" in my avs script and then try to preview, I get a message "I dont know what off means"