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18th May 2004, 09:31
I've got the new Pioneer DV-575. Mediatek 1389EE inside, DVD Audio & SACD playback.

I see in the GUI a line "DIVX VOD code: XXXXXXXX"

I think that this player can play DIVX VOD content, but I don't understand how can it do.

How can an hardware player know the rental period of the vod file if there is not a clock inside? I don't see a battery on the main board.

Another question: I try to find the firmware version of this player, but none of the button combination I found works.
Any hint?

Thank you very much.

Roberto. :D

10th September 2004, 09:34
Sorry I missed this post!

Have you checked what it says about this player on DivX web site?

This player is proving to be quite interesting!

6th November 2004, 19:39
Perhaps not the most interesting option rigt now, but firmware 2.09 plays OGM.

23rd November 2004, 20:45
Now launched.


23rd February 2005, 18:04
I bought one of these players (DV-575A) myself yesterday from Richer Sounds at a cost of 99.95. Not bad when you throw in DVD-Audio and SACD playback and pretty good sounding audio CD playback. It's region free too!

According to the side of the box the player was constructed, Dec 2004. And after removing its lid, the chip-set was identified as follows: -


The first thing I did was burn a couple of 720x576 Mpeg4/SP .AVI files onto a CD/RW. One with 16:9 DAR signalling, the other with 4:3 DAR signalling. I'm happy to report that both files were correctly displayed on my 16:9 TV.

Nice :D

23rd February 2005, 18:56
Could you check the firmware version ?
Im thinking about buying one if i can solve my problems with the remote control and if i remember correctly the aspect ratio setting did not worked the time i tried it (i hope theres a new firmware on your player).

heres how to find firmware version:

go down to OPTIONS (not enter sub menu)
press the "DISPLAY" button on the remote

23rd February 2005, 19:57
Originally posted by Zhnujm
Could you check the firmware version ? Hi Zhnujm,

It's identified as being: - REGION: 2
ROM VERSION: 2.09I'm suprised it says "Region 2". As I've been able to play DVD's from every region :D


23rd February 2005, 21:09
Thanks, thats a newer one.

2nd March 2005, 22:28
Originally posted by Zhnujm
Thanks, thats a newer one. Do you have a link to where Pioneer hosts it's player firmware up-dates?


4th March 2005, 16:03
As far as i know Pioneer does not allow any firmware downloads.
They send you a firmware cd if you mail them.

There should be some "inofficial" downloads of course.

4th March 2005, 17:24
Thanks Zhnujm,

I think I will send Pioneer an e-mail asking them about their player firmware upgrade policy/proceedure.

One really annoying thing is, when you burn RAW Mpeg1 and 2 video on to disc, the player identifies it as being "MPEG-4" :eek:

It still plays them perfectly though... It even plays miniDVD's (ie: Mpeg2/DVD .VOB files stored on CD~R/RW's).

Plus, I recently used DVDdecrypter to de-mux some 6Ch DolbyDigital (AC3) audio streams (from a Stone Temple Pilots DVD-A test disc). And then mpucoder's "excellent" MuxMan appliction to mux the streams back into the vob container with still images of the band and the lyrics for each track... I then burned the whole lot onto CD~R... And it played perfectly too...


10th March 2005, 17:39
Pioneer do update firmware, its available for free on request. Information is on Pioneer website about the update and in the FAQ section.

Or you can go over to Avland.co.uk and download it yourself. The image in in Nero format (available for free as 1x speed demo), select File, Open and open the unzipped image. Once burnt turn on your 575 with the disc in. It will display on screen is it updating and eject the cd with seconds. It takes a while for the update to take place and then the 575 reboots itself...

10th March 2005, 17:54
Thanks very much Nogs, much appreciated :)

There's some interesting information on the web site... Are you connected with it in some way?

And... a very warm welcome to the forum.


10th March 2005, 23:56
I'm nothing to do with avland or Pioneer...other than I got my 470 from Avland :)

Sorry took so long to reply, had to wait 5 days after signing up !!

Over at avforums and on divx.com I've got very large threads about the Pioneer 470 / 575. You'll find just about everything you'll every want to know about the machines, updates etc....

Basically if you don't have firmware 2.09 its worth updating too it.

On the mediatek firmware hacking forums are rumours of 2.10 which will supposedly add packed bitsteam ! :D

Per the region coding its not in firmware, so not hacked in firmware and why it says region 2 even if multiregion. And before anyone ask thus no updating the firmware does not effect region status so multiregion stays so ....it just says region2 but isn't.

10th March 2005, 23:58
ps i have the 470 version of 2.09 if anyone wants it pm me.