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17th May 2004, 23:12
Hi everyone,

I discovered something, while using DVD RB 0.46.
After encoding "Matrix Revolutions" I found out that between chapter 14 and 15 I was having a glitch, and my suspicion was "layer break", but them I said to myself, no it's not possible.
To make sure, I opened the resulting VOB IFO file with Ifoedit and guess what, it was really a layer break (like in the original movie).
Conclusion : DVD Rebuilder didn't took the layer break!

Anyone with the same problem?


Fenix (FJorgeR).

PS: Meanwhile I will be checking/and taking out the layer break manually using Ifoedit.

Update: Well after searching (I know, I know I should be doing it before posting) a bit I saw that it doesn't take out the "layer break". so my post is now pointless ;) LOL

New Update : Unfortunately even after patching the Layer Break with Ifoedit, things remain the same :(, so there is more to it!!
Maybe the layer break is causing DVD Rebuilder to fail during merge of chapters.
I will try to do it again, but with the new version 0.49.