View Full Version : disc error in cce

6th May 2004, 23:54
Im using CCE 2.5 to encode an avi file captured using iuvcr / huffy 2.1 to mpeg2 . Im no longer getting a chack sum error . Instead I get "avi stream error "a disk error occured while reading the file " When i click okay it starts to encode for a minute then just stops and sits indefinetly . Anyone know whats going on ?

7th May 2004, 07:54
Is the AVI larger than 2 gigs?

7th May 2004, 22:19
The avi is 46gig .Its an hour and a half vhs capture using iuvcr and huffy 720x480

Mac Sidewinder
8th May 2004, 20:45
Are you using framserving the avi into cce? If I remember right, CCE 2.5 only could handle up to 2gb avi files directly. I routinly use avisynth -> cce and process files 50 to 60gb in size with no problems.


10th May 2004, 13:07
Yeah, try frameserving it through AVISynth with AVISource().