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5th May 2004, 17:12

Whenever I load a VIDEO_TS folder into DVD Rebuilder I get the error message, "Run-time error '6' overflow".

It doesn't matter if I'm using a virtual drive, a DVD ripped onto my HD or the DVD in my DVD-ROM or burner drive.

Does anyone know what the problem might be?

Any help is appreciated.

7th May 2004, 19:27
The answer to this problem was solved by serge in this thread:


Thanks to him DVD-RB works fine for me now.

24th May 2004, 00:18
Funny, I'm getting this same error and I've had my system set to English the whole time :confused: . Every time DVD-RB hit VTS_04 (DVD menu) in Charlies Angels 2 it throws up a Run-time error '6' overflow error. I'll try demuxing manually and see what I get.

24th May 2004, 01:46
I found this while searching google for the above runtime error (it is on a site regarding MS Access though);

This error is caused by Access trying to store a variable in a datatype that is too small for the variable, for example trying to store 300 in a byte field, which can accept values from 0 to 255. The obvious cause is when you do declare a variable and then try to store a number that is too large, as below:


19th July 2004, 18:33
Hello all!

I'm also having the "Run-time error 6" Overflow.
This happens during Rebuild (at 82.6%).
I thought that serge's solution could work, so I've changed my charset from Dutch to English and rebooted.
Didn't work though.

It always occurs when DVD-RB has finished the V04000200003001.M2V file from the 'Das Experiment' DVD (a file from the extras).
I have played that file in PowerDVD, but I see no anomalies.

I'm using:

OS: Windows 2000 (SP4)
CCE SP + latest EclCCE
DVD Decrypter (ISO mode)
DVD-RB 0.55b
Avisynth 2.54 with the dll fix

Any help is appreciated!

DVD-RB will soon change my life :)


21st July 2004, 21:15
I read the thread you mentioned an what did i have to read? the master, jdobbs, is aware of the this bug and had never found a fix for it. Man, that's hard... I'm going to try Serge's method tonight, but i don't think it's going to work becaus on japanese xp changes the whole char set i think, but thas not the case with german. But we'll see,


23rd July 2004, 14:39

I was right. Changing the System language to english didn't effect the error. :(

What else can i do? Or does this mean, in other words, there's no possibilty to encode the movie (3rd dvd of lotr 2 extended) with Rebuilder?

Are there any other possible solutions or advices?

@jdobbs: a variable has the woring datatyp, it must be programming mistake. But of course I don't know how long the code of rebuilder is, and how long it takes to check it.

23rd July 2004, 16:02
Well, since the runtime error always occurred during rebuild of a part from the extras, I left out the extras. It went fine then.
Should be nice to get to the bottom of this problem, but I don't think there is a clear solution right now.
Jdobbs would have announced it otherwise.

I'll try out some more DVD's in the next weeks. If the problem occurs again, it could as well be a configuration error.

Still, I recon that DVD-RB is the best program around! :D

23rd July 2004, 17:13
The problem here is that the dvd i want ro endcode is with extras only! I think i'm going to get rid of the specific vob file with the DVD Shrink Method mentioned here so often. Maybe it will work, maybe no, we'll see.

31st August 2004, 10:41
Just wanting to compare notes with other users getting this problem. Two things I've noticed about Charlies Angels 2 (PAL R4) that none of my other present projects have is that;

(a) there are a mix of 4:3 and 16:9 extras (all the other movies I have done recently only have 4:3 extras)

(b) There are a LOT of VTS's. Charlies Angels has 18! This getting back to my earlier point that some kind of counter/buffer is being over run here as not too many movies have 18 VTS's. Infact this is the first I can remember with that amount?

Going to set everything back to default with .57 and try again.

31st August 2004, 10:58

Well, I cannot check the original DVD anymore, but from what I remember, my DVD didn't have that much VTS's.
For the 4:3 16:9 thing, I'm afraid I have no idea.


31st August 2004, 12:00
I get the same again in the prepare stage of Charlies Angels 2. Here is my DVD rebuilder log;

[20:33:24] Phase I, PREPARATION started.
- VTS_01: 116,502 sectors.
-- Scanning and writing .D2V file
-- Processed 11,178 frames.
-- Building .AVS and .ECL files
- VTS_02: 281,722 sectors.
-- Scanning and writing .D2V file
-- Processed 26,806 frames.
-- Building .AVS and .ECL files
- VTS_03: 107,754 sectors.
-- Scanning and writing .D2V file
-- Processed 10,326 frames.
-- Building .AVS and .ECL files
- VTS_04: 2,195,209 sectors.
-- Scanning and writing .D2V f

31st August 2004, 13:30
Ok, think this is a "can't see the forrest for the trees" type of situtation. I was looking so hard to try and find a problem with DVD-RB (sorry jdobbs) that I never stopped to do a simple test on my source files first. It looks as if somewhere along the line my ISO has been damaged, so that'll be the cause of my run-time error '6' message :rolleyes:. Anyone know of any good ISO repair utilities?