View Full Version : RV10 comptest / choosing a resolution

3rd May 2004, 01:45

in a previous post Karl wrote :
adjust the resolution such that the bits/pixel number is reasonable, and based on experience, I also take complexity/desired quality somewhat into account. However, this experience part I guess is what the compTest would help out with.
Now we have DC's GUI with comptest and a lot of settings :)

But I'm still confuse with the comptest....
Is there a rule ? (< 30 % lower reso ?)
Can i choose anamorphic or not , low or high resolution when i have complete a comptest....



edit : For now, I'm increasing the resolution to stay at 0.140 bits/frame and not lower. Why 140 ? euh.....erf.....

pogo stick
11th May 2004, 15:50
And DC's GUI is AutoRV10?
I am also interested in compressibility test with Real Video.
Is AutoRV10 the only way to do it?
Is it possible to do test without GUIs?
In other words, how can I decide what bitrate should I choose with resolution I want?
What Real Video experts can suggest?

12th May 2004, 08:06
yeha.... thats what i was thinking.... i'm using sirber'e realanime 1.90 and i'm using 450 kbs..... how do i figure out how to find my bits per pixel and what is a good number for realvideo 10.... are the numbers similar to xvid?