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2nd May 2004, 21:21
I'm using Nero 6 Ultra and botched up a multisession DVD. I'm trying to minimize the damage now:

Anyways, on the multisession disc, from within Burning ROM, I can see the files that I need. I do not think they have been overwritten...the filenames are still there as are the files' sizes etc., except there are a red x's next to them and the items are greyed, which I'm hoping only means the files might be overwritten in another session, but are technically still there.

First question, are they still there? Second, if so, how can I get the disc to bring the files back to a usable condition...essentially undelete the files.

3rd May 2004, 13:37
Originally posted by aaron10
First question, are they still there? Second, if so, how can I get the disc to bring the files back to a usable condition...essentially undelete the files. Sure they are still there, especially if it's not a DVD+RW - you couldn't overwrite them even if you wanted. Hopefully, somebody can give a practical solution on to how to retrieve them.

3rd May 2004, 14:28
Thanks for the reply, dim...

I wasn't sure where to post the question and thought this might be the most appropriate place. If a mod wants to move it to a more appropriate spot, I certainly wouldn't mind. I don't want to cross post, so I'll leave it here for the time being.

I thought for sure I could find something in Nero that would let me select all the files and choose undelete, but I don't see anything within the Nero "explorer window" that has this functionality.

4th May 2004, 15:23
The disc is a DVD-RW if that helps. Yes the disc is capable of being overwritten but I don't think the files have been yet. They're visible as are all of their properties from within Nero Burning ROM. From Windows XP, disc properties indicates that the files are still there, too, in terms of disc size. I just need to bring the files back to accessible condition.

Many thanks...


4th May 2004, 17:36
No, the files are not overwritten. I guess you have to copy the disc image to the HDD, that is to Image Recorder in Nero, and then study specifications of the file system you used (UDF or ISO9660). Eventually, you should be able to find the location of Table of Contents and Deleted flag, so you can undelete the files. That's of course unless someone could suggest an existing tool for that. I only did this for the FAT file system.

If deleted files are text documents, you can just browse through the image file until you find that text.

4th May 2004, 18:59
Many of the files are executables, so it is a more complex recovery than for just text files. Hopefully, someone will have a "simple way" of recovering the files. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I just have to believe this isn't that uncommon a goof up, so someone who visits here has probably accomplished the feat.

Ah, well...leave it to me.

16th May 2004, 17:59
I don't know if this slipped by those in the know or if no one knows how to reinvigorate the files. I tried burning an image but the image just contains the files with red x's next to 'em as viewed from within Nero. Windows only sees the most recent files written during the latest multisession.

I'm trying to figure out how to undelete the files in question, using Nero or any in any other manner.

This was a multisession disc that somehow decided to delete the older files and only allow the most recent files to be viewed.

17th May 2004, 19:45
Okay, try this trick. It might not work though if you finalized the disc during the last session.

1. Make a backup of the entire disc. Use either another RW or Image Recorder in Nero, which creates an ISO image on HDD.

2. Insert your botched disc. In Nero, open a new compilation of the same type as before (DVD-ROM (ISO) I suppose) and select Continue Multisession.

3. After you click New, you'll see the list of all the sessions on the DVD. Select a "good" session, i.e. before you deleted the files. This may be the first session or anything except the last one.

4. Nero will open a new compilation with the files shown in the state they were after burning the session you have selected. Check whether the files in question are marked as deleted. If yes, close the compilation and repeat the process, selecting an even earlier session.

5. Once you found a "good" session, click Burn. It will replicate the session so the files can be accessed in Windows. Notice that the files you added after that session are gone from Explorer, yet they are still on the disc and can be restored the same way.

I suppose the lack of the undelete utilities is a sign that nobody really use multisession discs anymore due to low price of the media and certain potential issues. Most likely, you won't do it anymore as well after this.

18th May 2004, 02:10
I'm going to give it a try tomorrow and will relate the results.

Thanks for lending a hand, Dim...


19th May 2004, 18:49
No matter what session I choose in Nero, it shows the files in the deleted state; that is, greyed and with a red x next to each file. However, the files still display all of their attributes (file size, date, etc.) and Windows suggests that the disk is the size that it should be with all of the files.

I think Nero was looking at a particular folder on my HD. Often I would add files to this folder and Nero updated the DVD-RW content with the added files, adding the new files to the old files. On the last go round, though, I deleted all of the files in the folder (because I thought I had them all on the disk and I wanted to clean up the HD a bit), and had only one new file in the folder. It appears Nero decided to say all the files in the folder are gone so I will mark them as deleted on the DVD-RW and add the new file. And, yes, the new file is the only file avaliable from Windows and the only one listed in black and available in Nero Burning Rom's explorer window.

Any further thoughts? I do believe the files are on the disc but I'll be damned if I can figure out how to make 'em available.

19th May 2004, 19:06
On the New Compilation - Multisession screen below "Continue Multisession", uncheck the box Refresh Compilation Automatically.

20th May 2004, 14:01
So bizarre!! I thought your suggestion would do the trick but here's what happened:

In the very last session, I had deleted all the prior files that were backed up on the DVD-RW in the folder on the HD. I had one new file in thae folder that I wanted to add to the compilation. If I looked at the disk in Windows after the burn, that was the only file available. From within Nero Burning ROM, it was the only file not greyed and not with a red x next to it. Since that time, I have deleted that file, too, but do have it backed up somewhere else. Now when I look at that session, even with the box next to Refresh Compilation Automatically unchecked, that file is greyed out and has a red x next to it too. I haven't tried yet, but I have a feeling returning it to the folder will make available from with Nero Burning ROM again.

The same situation was noted in each session as well: All files were greyed and had red x's next to 'em, not just the last session.

I cannot fathom why unchecking Refresh Auto doesn't do the trick. Any other thoughts? Man, this is frustrating because I know those files are just begging to be salvaged...

20th May 2004, 15:58
Okay then, one more try. Create empty files with exactly the same name and location as the deleted files. You can check the original location of the files on DVD in Nero through right-click - Properties, even for the files marked as deleted.

Create a new compilation - Continue multisession, uncheck the Refresh option. Select the last session. The files in question should not be marked as deleted. Pay attention that you didn't get at any point a message about the compilation being refreshed. Ensure that all the files are grayed out and none are marked as deleted. Burn.

20th May 2004, 22:56
Bingo...that did it! Thanks, Dim, I owe you a couple!

I placed zero byte files in the folder with the same names and they appeared once again in Nero's Explorer Window. I then burned. The files now show up when the Disc is inserted.

Question, though:

BTW...I copied the disk so I have two. I deleted the fake folder with the zero byte files, unchecked Refresh, and faked I wanted to add a new session. However, all the files are marked with red x's again in Nero's explorer window. (Obviously not a problem because I'm not actually carrying the session through, but I wonder why this happens if I have told Nero not to refresh?) Thus, even if refresh is unchecked the files would be deleted during the next session. Does that make sense or is Nero doing something incorrectly?

21st May 2004, 01:53
Glad it finally worked out for you.

I guess Nero is trying to be smart when it comes to multisession discs. As you see, it stores the original location of the files along on the burned disc. When you continue a multisession, it checks if the files are still there, and if they are not, it marks them as deleted.

This makes sense when you perform a regular backup of certain folder(s) on a multisession disc. Nero would automatically (during refresh) add the new files and those you updated since the last backup, and mark the files you deleted. The result is that Nero performs an incremental backup (takes minimum space/time) while you have access to the full up-to-date backup on the CDR/DVDR.

21st May 2004, 12:03
Is there a way to continue this multisession disc (yes, the last I'll create) the way I'd like? That is, let me drop new files into the folder on the DVD-RW without synchronizing with what's currently in the folder on the HD. There's quite a bit of room left on the disc and I'd like to treat it as a simple storage device.


21st May 2004, 14:22
I hope these files are not very important to you in case you might not be able to recover them...

Anyway, continue mutisession same as the last time without refreshing, and drop the files into the compilation manually.

21st May 2004, 18:04
Not to belabor this bugger, but if I uncheck refresh, and all the files aren't in the folder in question, Nero marks all the files not present with a red x, suggesting they won't be present in the burn of that compilation. If I place the zero byte files back in the folder, and refresh is unchecked, they are not marked with an x. I just don't get it. I hate to have to keep all the zero byte files just to trick Nero. Am I doing something incorrect or is Nero doing something incorrect?

22nd May 2004, 02:19
Originally posted by aaron10
Am I doing something incorrect or is Nero doing something incorrect?No, you and Nero are both are correct. That's how it's meant to be, at least in ver.6. Maybe it was different in earlier versions, don't remember. The best thing to do would be leaving it alone while you still have access to your old files, and stop doing the multisession thing.