View Full Version : RealPlayer Audio files conversion

29th April 2004, 23:20
Help !

Does anybody knows how to convert/encode Realplayer audio file (*.rm) currently downloadable from many sites TO usual audio files like mp3, wav etc ?

Thanks in advance


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30th April 2004, 01:53
I am sure that there are ways to actually convert the rm file to mp3. However, I choose to use an mp3 audio recorder and it records in mp3 format any audio file I play on my computer. It records the sound coming off my sound card. It works very well for me and allows me to tweak the sound using a software media player before I record the sound. It also allows me to select the bitrate for recording, but does not allow for VBR recording.

30th April 2004, 07:50
try this (http://neroplugins.cd-rw.org/)with NeroWave Editor-> works fine! ;)