View Full Version : Error in Update IFO

29th April 2004, 06:05
Wow...I've had to wait 5 days for some advice:sly:
I've been trying to burn a backup of Bad Boys II. I have no problem ripping it with Decrypter, and the first stage of Rebuilder is no problem. When I get to about 90% of encoding however, there are a few Video Codecs that cannot be opened. When it gets to the rebuilding stage, I get the following..."Error in Update IFO Shouldn't happen-contact developer"
I'm using QuEnc with the program, I have the newest versions of everything, including the Donald Graft version of mpeg2dec3.dll
Can anyone give me some advice?

29th April 2004, 12:54
The video codec cannot be opened error is a problem with Quenc. It is being looked at AFAIK.

I have had it once.