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28th April 2004, 17:39
ECL Optimiser
Not sure if anymore is interested in this. I have just finished writing for myself a small program to modify the REBUILDER.ECL file for use with CCE. It will load in the file and let you change the bitrates for different VTS parts. I'm not really explaining myself very well. As an example.
I have a movie where DVD-RB will re-encode VTS02 and VTS03.

02 (The main movie) having a total average bitrate of 2440kbits per second and
03(The Extras) having a total average bitrate of 2385kbits per second.

Using this program I am able to change the bitrates and the end result is
02 (The main movie) now has a total average bitrate of 3130kbits per second and
03(The Extras) now has a total average bitrate of 1505kbits per second.
and the total output size of all re-encoded files is still the same as at with the old bitrates.
So you can get an even better quality movie and less quality on the extras

I have giving the program a version of 0.1 alpha. It has no help files and no error checking and probably a lot of bugs. BE WARNED THIS SOFTWARE MAY NOT WORK IN ALL SITUATIONS.

I am also going to to the same thing with the REBUILDER.INF for that it will work with ReJig.

Have a look and please comment.

V0.1a First Release
V0.11a Added an option for half width
V0.12a Changed Text Boxes to dropdown box to select the VTS you want to modify and autoselects the VTS with the largest number of frames as the main movie.
V0.13a Changed from Memo to Listbox control. Improved GUI speed
V0.14a Added a DVD-RB Reduction Level box. Enter the Reduction Level reported by DVD-RB so you can now see the size in comparison to the original DVD.
V0.15a change bitrate realocation to be based on percentages instead of filesizes
V0.16a Added ;Modified line at the top of the saved ECL file so that a Modified ECL file can be easily identified
V0.17a Removed ;Modified line at the top of the saved ECL file as it caused DVD-RB to parse the file incorrectly
V0.18a Will Automatically read the .INF file to get the reduction level that DVD-RB has calculated
V0.19a Reorganised the User Interface to make reading the screen easier. Still not finished yet.
V0.20a (1/4/2004) Added the function to set the average bitrate of a VTS
V0.21a (1/4/2004) Saves the original REBUILDER.ECL file as REBUILDER.BAK
V0.30a (1/4/2004) Now handled ECL and INF files simultaneously.
Reduction= is updated in the INF file to match the Bitrates that where already updated in the ECL. So now ReJig can be used.
The ECL/INF loader now automatically reads the Reductions for each VTS. No need to enter manually.
V0.31a (2/4/2004) Added function to set a VTS to a new Percentage.
V0.32a (2/4/2004) Added Sliders for fast changing of BitRates and Percentages
V0.33a (2/4/2004) Added a function to Find the max bitrate of a VTS without
making other VTSs drop below a certin bitrate.
V0.34a (2/4/2004) Cosmetic Changes Only
V0.40a (2/4/2004) Started on the Command line interpreter
V0.41a (2/4/2004) Fixed a problem that would cause the Set_to_Max function
would cause the VTS selected to alternate between Min and Max values
if the min value was the same at the MinBitrate on the internal Calc page.
V0.42a (2/4/2004) Added Controls to lock VTS values so that they will not change.
V0.43a (3/4/2004) Some cosmetic reorganising
V0.44a (3/4/2004) Added an Edit Box for the ECL/INF Filename. If this box is
filled with a valid filename before the Load button is pressed, the
Open dialog box will not appear. If the Box does not contain a valid filename
The open dialog box will appear and put the filename in the edit box. Next
will be adding drag and drop capabilities to this edit box.
V0.45a (4/4/2004) Added a function to find the Max bitrate for a VTS without
putting other VTSs below a set percent of compression.

Changed /set_to_max commandline to /max_via_bitrate and
Addded command line option for /max_via_percent

/ecl= (Full path and FileName of ECL file)
/vts= (the VTS to perform the function of v01 v02 v03 ect)
/max_via_bitrate and /min= will find the maximum bitrate for to selected VTS
without putting other VTSs below the /min= bitrate
/max_via_percent and /min= will find the maximum bitrate for to selected VTS
without putting other VTSs below the /min= percent
/autosave will automatically save the ECL/INF files once completed.
/autoexit is automatically exit the program once completed.
/nogui does not load the GUI onscreen. It also sets /autoexit
V0.46a (5/4/2004) Started working on error checking.
Will check any bitrates that fall below a set minimum (Default 500) and
rise above a set maximum (Default 9000) and rise above 100% of the original
bitrate. Still testing and implementing the routines.
i.e. If you where to set the Bitrate for any VTS at 9000, it will automatically
set the bitrate for that VTS not letting any other VTS drop below the
set minimum.
Added a FrameCount column on the main screen so you can see easily which
VTS is the longest and most likely the main movie.
V0.47a (6/4/2004) Completely changed the internal data structure to support
Extended Floating points (20 decimal places) to increase accuracy.
Reorganised Source Code to made it easier to Follow and Increased Speed

V0.48a (7/4/2004) Rewrote the Find Max functions for Percent and Bitrate.
Now very fast and does not allow a VTS to drop below a minimum bitrare and
not above 100% of the original size.
V0.49a (8/4/2004) Changed the FrameCount to VTSLength and now shows the time in
Hours:Minutes:Second Frames instead of just a frame counter.
V0.50a (8/4/2004) Fixed a bug that was introduced a while ago when the Trackbars
and the Automatic finding of the Min and Max values for a VTS. It caused
the bitrates of the VTSs for extras to become the same instead of leaving
the percentages at the same as it is by default.


If you are experiencing any problems, please email your REBUILDER.ECL AND REBUILDER.INF files to the email address listed in the software.

Hello Mayhem2408
I copied your post from another thread. In my opinion you have done an outstanding job on this tool and I don't believe people are aware of it as it's buried deep and hard to find. I hope you don't find it presumptious of me to start this thread so people become aware of your work. Please keep developing this tool and ultimately work with jdobbs to integrate something like this into DVD-RB.

Great work!!

28th April 2004, 17:41
the download links to appear to be valid...

28th April 2004, 17:46
Good. Now people can get to try it and perhaps if jdobbs has to disable the half-d1-bitrate extras due to errors, these tools can be used instead.


28th April 2004, 17:47
thanks ddogg and joergen for the updated links

28th April 2004, 17:48

28th April 2004, 18:05
@Mayhem2408 (if you see this)
If you are still updating this and you want to start your own thread, so you can update the first post and stuff, feel free to do so and I will lock this one.

Oh, and great tool. I was using v.13a for weeks until I went looking for your post and noticed how much work you had done.


I hope jdobbs doesn't remove the half-D1 feature completely (thought I don't care about half&half). This tool won't exactly be a substitue because it only sets the ECL flag to half width (and perhaps change the half-D1 flag in rebuilder.ini). That means CCE does the resizing instead of the .AVS, and CCE's resize method is of poor quality.

28th April 2004, 18:21
Robw looks like another solid idea and program! I'd like to 1/2 D1 & 1/2 space my extra scenes and I'm alittle confused about the setting in ECL Optimiser. I wanna try what basically JDobbs program did with D1. What should this setting be: Half_width in VTS(lets say 3) to ? Just what is 1 equal too? And what number would I need too half the orginal source? Sorry in advance if this is a silly question.

28th April 2004, 18:35
wmansir, as a mod you can split that post out to a new thread which might be more appropriate. Only downside is it will inherit the read count of the original. I do hope Mayhem2408 comes back. He was just way ahead of us when he posted this originally.

28th April 2004, 19:11
Ok, I did it. We can all move over to there:


ps. I almost had a heart attack when I split the thread. As you can imagine the bb software takes a few moments to split a ~1000 post thread, so when I checked the forum list it wasn't done processing and the listing was messed up...I would have killed myself if I hosed that thread.

Oh, and thanks for spurring me to action robw and DDogg.